My MSI Story

When I graduated college and started to work as an HR officer, I found myself working in front of the computer almost 12 hours a day. Back then, I wished I had a laptop to finish my work fast even when I’m not at the office. My boss seemed to need an update every second, until I got literally sick and was hospitalized. I told myself I should buy a laptop so I could work even when I'm at the hospital. My relatives were so worried about me. The next day, my boss went to the hospital and handed me my last salary and fired me.

So, when I got home, I emptied my savings and bought a laptop. I chose my first laptop (or should I say, notebook -- because that time the smallest gadgets are the coolest). It was the MSI Wind U100. I loved the pearl white color; it made me feel like I’m a real pro.

Here’s what it looks:

msiWindU100 Photo

Using it was pure delight. And working at one’s own pace was refreshing. I used it in learning new things like creating a birthday card, drawing figures in MS Paint, experimenting on text effects (adding shadows, embossing, adding 3D effects), and even designing a website.

Unfortunately, I had to sell it when my father fell ill. He suffered from a stroke and needed money for his hospitalization. Since I had no permanent job back then, I looked for a job but this time, not Human Resource related but as a graphic designer. With my minimal computer graphic knowledge (using MS Paint), I got the job. It was so awesome because the company that hired me publishes magazines that review computers, hardwares, and computer accessories. For me, that time, it was a dream job as a designer because I got to see the actual devices, take photos of them, and even use them. It was like having new gadgets everyday.

We were using all the models of MSI monitors, cases, laptops, graphic cards -- you name it, we had it. But, unfortunately, it’s not ours; the staff didn’t own them. We’re giving it back after we review it.

Moving forward, my interest in web designing grew more intense. Since I couldn't practice coding at my workplace, I decided to buy my own laptop. I chose the MSI GT70:

msi-gt70 Photo

This powerful gaming laptop made my life easier and fun. Reading tutorials, watching how to’s on Youtube, using design software and playing games were so swift and easy. But, in a rather unfortunate turn of events again, this buddy got lost while I was travelling. Lucky me, I always save backup copies of my work on a portable hard drive.

When bad luck appeared to have gotten tired of me, a new laptop landed on my desk. The MSI GF 63 Thin 9SC. This gaming laptop, my current buddy, is so fast and powerful. So far, no problems. I use this in designing graphics, developing websites and mobile apps, and of course, gaming.

GF63Thin Photo

MSI GF 63 Thin 9SC Personal Review

The Design

I like the texture of it. The matte finish gives a smooth feel while typing. It is light and easy to carry in a backpack. I travel a lot and carry this everyday to work.

Can’t complain about the design. The bezels are so thin so you can see everything while you're working. Keyboard is soft and silent. Monitor is sleek and slim. You can open and close it using one hand. Touchpad is quite responsive. And, the finger flicks are awesome. You can hide/show the desktop by sliding up/down, switching from window to another by just swiping left or right, and many more.

GF63Thin Photo

For someone who likes to connect gadgets, this one has all the ports one needs. So, no need to worry about buying adapters. The HDMI location, for me, is perfect because I use external monitors, and cables on the sides are not really my thing.

The Performance

Since I worked in a magazine company that reviews computer related stuff, I’d like to think I can somewhat tell if a device performs well or not. Based on my experience, since most of my time is spent on coding, design, and games, this laptop can do all these three at the same time, and I love it!

GF63Thin Photo

Admittedly, sometimes, the laptop does freeze after hibernation (perhaps because of the 5-10 applications that I open at the same time, excluding games) but after restart, it runs smoothly again. The battery life is longer than I expected. I usually hibernate my laptop when I’m done at work by 7pm and when I get back the next day, in the morning, the battery's still loaded!

Finally, frame rate is also one of the cool things I like about this laptop. It can boost up to 136fps depending on the game I’m playing. I tried it while playing Overwatch on 1080p. First Person Shooter (FPS) games are my favorite and this laptop never gave me problems when it comes to graphics and speed (The only minor glitch when playing, of course, is our internet connection. You know the Philippines). Anyways, overall if I’m going to rate this beast, I’d give it 9 out of 10.

Like cherry on top of an ice cream, I also love the dragon center. It helps in many ways such as optimizing the battery, doing backups, and checking needed drivers. If you’re a busy guy like me, you may not notice those things. Good thing, there’s the dragon to remind you of those.

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